For my knives, I prefer to make working class  fixed blades  for folks who will use and enjoy them. I mainly use carbon steels(5160,1095,1084) and synthetic handle materials. I like these materials for their abilities to hold up to extended use. Of course every now and then something special and slightly pretty does pop out of the shop though.  I try to offer designs that are both eye catching and real world workers. From hunters to choppers and even the occasional short sword, I have made em all.

Video on small camp knife

(Click here to see his knife cut down an old walnut tree!)
  Occasionally I like to offer some knives in a rougher, more user friendly finish. I call them Reality Check Knives because they are meant for the real world where tools get used. They lack the usual level of finish I apply to my regular line of knives but they are made from the same high quality materials and use the same heat treating methods. So why would you want a Reality Check  knife? Most simple answer is PRICE! I don’t have to work as hard on em or invest as much time and supplies and that translates to a lower cost. I don’t take orders for the Reality Check knives but when I have any available, I post them on .

     I also make my own sheaths for my knives from Kydex. I believe Kydex offers the best attributes for a working sheath . It  is generally unaffected by the elements and holds the knife secure till it is needed. The only drawback to Kydex as a sheath material is that due to it holding the knife by friction, scratches will occur eventually. For a working blade this usually just adds to the character of the knife. To a pure collector of knives, perhaps Kydex is not the sheath material for you.